Kathleen Frank

(American, born 1944)


A noted American landscape artist, Kathleen Frank was born in California in 1944.  Raised by parents who were adventurous teachers with summers free to travel, the family went on journeys that spanned the world and exposed her a diversity of cultures and artistic styles. She earned a BA in Fine Art and Design from San Jose State University in 1967 and a Master of Arts degree from Penn State in 1993.  She co-founded the Printmakers Studio Workshop of Central Pennsylvania, while also teaching printmaking and costume design at The Greer School.

Frank began a gradual shift to painting in a style reminiscent of the marks of woodcarvers and imbued with luminous color and light.  She was a founding member of the Farmland Preservation Artists of Central Pennsylvania, a non-profit promoting the preservation of farmland through the visual arts, and painted the rural landscapes of Pennsylvania in support of the American Farmland Trust. 

Frank’s inspiration comes from the diverse environments surrounding her homes, from the verdant farms of Pennsylvania to California’s majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains and the high mountain desert surrounding Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Her works have appeared in numerous publications, including Southwest Art and Western Art Collector, and her paintings are featured in public collections including that of Pennsylvania State University, the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Arizona, and recently in an exhibition at the Yellowstone Museum of Art.