Helen Frankenthaler

(American, 1928 – 2011)


Helen Frankenthaler PhotoHelen Frankenthaler was a highly influential Abstract Expressionist whose work was featured in important exhibitions from the early 1950s until her passing in 2011.  Born in Manhattan, she was influenced by a number of luminaries including Hans Hoffman and Jackson Pollack. Though aligned with several generations of abstract painters, she continued to explore new avenues of self-expression, including a major foray into printmaking.  She created her first graphic in 1961 and quickly became an important figure in the renaissance of American printmaking, producing some 235 works by the early 1990’s.  Her graphic oeuvre was of consistently high quality and works are featured in many major museum collections.

Frankenthaler has been the subject of several retrospective exhibitions, including a 1989 exhibition in New York as the Museum of Modern Art.  She was presented with numerous awards during her lifetime, including the National Medal of Arts in 2001.

Helen Frankenthaler Artwork