Post-War and Contemporary Art – New Additions to Collection

POOL MADE WITH PAPER AND BLUE INK FOR BOOKFollowing the tribulations of World War II, a great surge of creativity was unleashed in the U.S.  There was a profound optimism and bravado that infused the realm of art, leading to such bold movements as Abstract-Expressionism, Minimalism and Pop Art. Not only were there tremendous innovations in painting and sculpture in the Post-War era, but also in printmaking.  Artists including Robert Motherwell, Sam Francis, Frank Stella, Alexander Calder, David Hockney and Roy Lichtenstein created stunning graphics by pushing the boundaries of established techniques. Their ingenuity resulted in a much wider audience for their work and an effective vehicle for conveying their philosophies and ideas.Upon that foundation, there have emerged new expressions in contemporary art in which creativity and controversy continue to go hand in hand.  A good example is the British artist Damien Hirst, whose glass vitrine works, pharmacological themes and diamond encrusted skulls have been strongly debated, yet he has also produced works of great sensitivity and beauty.

We are now featuring a number of fine works by these post-war and contemporary artists. Please explore.