Die Deutsche Liebe

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Robert Indiana
Die Deutsche Liebe

An original Robert Indiana screenprint print.

(German Love)


Original screenprint in three colors (black, yellow, red) on wove paper

A superb impression of the definitive state, from the edition of 395.  One of thirty plates from the American Dream Portfolio, published and printed by Marco Fine Arts Contemporary Atelier, El Segundo, California, to accompany text and poetry by Robert Creeley. 

14 x 14 inches

Sheet Size: 22 x 17 inches 

Sigmund Freud used the term “dream-work” to denote the various activities of the unconscious mind, which sorts through the tumult of experience and gives it symbolic form.  The process is an apt metaphor of the creative practice of Robert Indiana, who, during the sixties, was part of the movement known as “Pop Art” – art that uses the imagery of popular and commercial culture.  But Indiana’s references to pinball machines, roadside diners, and highway signs, and the short words and numbers that fill his compositions, are much more than Pop.  They are codes of autobiographical meaning. His works are ciphers of his Depression-era childhood and his long climb from anonymity to renown.  Dream-work also describes Indiana’s critique of the myth of the American Dream.