Joan Colomer

(Spanish, born 1965)


Joan Colomer was raised amidst the rich artistic heritage of of Catalonia region of Spain. He was born in Feliu de Pallerols, near the deep forests and rolling hills of Olat, which lent its name to the Olotina Landscape School. It was an offshoot of the Barbizon School, founded by the painter Joaquim Vayreda in the nineteenth century.

Colomer attended university in Barcelona, where he received his degree in philology and liberal arts. Afterwards he traveled extensively throughout Europe, studying the great masters. Upon his return to Spain, he enrolled in the prestigious Municipal School of Beaux Arts in Madrid. While there, he soon began exhibiting his paintings in both Madrid and Barcelona. In 1993, he moved to the countryside, where he still resides today.

For Colomer, painting is primal: it is an innate force within him. As he states, “I live to paint.” His paintings are straight and fresh, a true synthesis of technique and vision. In his landscapes the sky sets the tone and intensity of the work as he recalls, “Slowly, one color calls another; it’s nearly a question of obedience. I can’t force harmonies. They just flow from my hand.” Colomer’s paintings have a timeless quality that beautifully bridge the past with the present.

Joan Colomer Landscape Paintings