La Robe Jaune au Ruban Noir

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Henri Matisse
La Robe Jaune au Ruban Noir

An original hand-signed Henri Matisse lithograph print.

(The Yellow Dress with Black Ribbon)


Original lithograph printed in black ink on China paper

Hand-signed in pen & ink lower right Henri Matisse.

A superb impression of the definitive state, from the edition of 50, numbered in ink also lower right (there was 1 additional trial proof and 10 artist’s proofs, for an overall edition of 61).

Catalog: Duthuit-Matisse 424; Fribourg 380.

15 9/16 x 11 5/16 inches

Sheet Size: 21 3/8 x 14 inches

The title of this lithograph reveals that Matisse often thought in colors and that this medium was closely associated with painting for him. Until that point the artist had rarely worked with soft litho chalk and certainly not in this painterly style. Formerly the prints had been line lithographs, mainly nude studies. In 1922, in the southern light of the Mediterranean, close to where Renoir used to live, Matisse immersed himself once again in this printing method, going through all the registers from the most delicate modeling clay to angular outlines and deep black.
The human figure, especially the female body, in its infinite versatility and in the magical light of the Mediterranean world of “such tender harmony” became after 1920 a major theme that fed and brought joy to his work, as it did to his endlessly toiling creative spirit.