Teresa Brutcher

(American, born 1955)


Born in Arizona and raised in the San Fransisco Bay area, Brutcher earned her degree in Studio Art from the University of California at Davis.  She was fortunate to study under such stellar figures as Wayne Thiebaud and Robert Arneson.  She currently lives and works in Spain, a country she came to know as an exchange student while getting her BA.  Mesmerized by the old masters that populated the Prado Museum in Madrid and by the country itself, she returned there upon completing her degree.  

In her figurative realist oil paintings, Brutcher employs both elements of the surreal and literary symbols to make visual puns with her signature sense of irony, setting a stage where every element plays a role in conveying her tale.  Her use of vivid colors, juxtaposed with strong contrasts of light and shadow, are hallmarks of her masterful paintings.

Her work has shown in museums in the US and Spain (including the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona) and in galleries in Spain, Portugal, Germany and the US.  Her work can be found in important collections worldwide.

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