Frank Stella FIGLEFIA
Frank Stella FIGLEFIA (framed)


Frank Stella
mixed media

An original hand-signed Frank Stella mixed media print.


Original lithograph, etching, aquatint and relief print in twenty-five colors from 11 aluminum plates and 1 assembled plate made from 1 Lexan® plastic base plate, 8 irregularly shaped magnesium plates and 3 irregularly shaped copper plates on TGL hand-made paper. 

Hand-signed and dated in pencil in the margin lower right F. Stella ‘94.

A superb impression of the definitive state, from the edition of 75 (there were 25 additional proofs of various types, for an overall edition of 100), numbered in pencil in the margin also lower right.  One of thirteen plates from the series Imaginary Places I.  Published by Tyler Graphics Ltd. Mount Kisco, New York, bearing its blindstamp at the lower right corner of the sheet, annotated with the Tyler Graphics workshop number “FS94-3078” in pencil verso; printed at the Tyler Graphics workshop under the supervision of Kenneth Tyler.

Catalog: Axsom 223; Tyler Graphics FS105.

Sheet Size: 24 x 21 inches

The individual print titles used in the series of which this print is a part were taken from Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi’s book The Dictionary of Imaginary Places.

Figlefia (or Island of Love), an island off the Riallaro Archipelago in the south-east Pacific.  It was originally inhabited by the exiled sensualists from Limanora who became a promiscuous and debauched race, kidnapping and enslaving women from other parts of the archipelago.  Officially they practice monogamy, largely to allow themselves the pleasures of betraying their wives and cuckolding their friends. 

On some islands Figlefians are regarded as enemies of the State and their agents are hunted down like vermin.  The Figlefians believe that it is their mission to replenish the earth and to renew the human race through cross-breeding and selective sterilization.  Their number was greatly reduced buy a plague deliberately introduced and spread by the slave women from Swoonaire.