Rembrandt Van Rijn
etching & drypoint

An original Rembrandt Van Rijn etching & drypoint print.


Original etching and drypoint printed in black ink on laid paper bearing a portion of an unidentified watermark. 

Signed and dated in the plate lower right Rembrandt f. 1655

A superb, dark and richly printed 17th century/lifetime impression of Bartsch, Usticke and New Hollstein’s only state of this desirable etching, showing touches of burr. 

Catalog: Bartsch 35; Hind 283; Biorklund-Barnard 55-B; Usticke 35; New Hollstein 287.

6 1/8 x 5 3/16 inches

God subjected Abraham to the hardest of tests by making him sacrifice his only son on a mountain in the land of Moriah.  With two servants and an ass, Abraham and his son set out on the journey.  They went alone for the last part, Isaac carrying the firewood and his father the fire and knife.  On the way the unsuspecting boy asked where the lamb was that would provide for the sacrifice.  By way of an answer Abraham said that God would provide for the sacrifice.  When Abraham and Isaac arrived at the appointed place, Abraham built and altar on which to sacrifice his son.  At the moment he was about to cut his throat, an angel stayed his arm and told him he had proved himself in the eyes of God by no withholding his only son from Him (Genesis 22-1-12).